Do you charge a day rate or by the hour?
I charge by ‘the day’ and by ‘half-day’, not by the hour.

How much do you charge for a day?
Depending on the job, I charge between £800 – £1,000 a day plus expenses. Night shoots are time and a half.
In order for me to quote accurately, please contact me with as much information as possible / a full job brief.

How much do you charge for a half-day?
I charge £600 for a half-day shoot plus expenses.

What does this fee include?
My fee is for my photographic expertise along with the use of my own photographic equipment (which is worth approximately £30,000).

Do you charge a fee for Digital Post-Production?
Yes, for every day that I shoot I then spend a further day working on the images in digital post-production. This is a critical stage of the process, it takes time and skill and so I charge for this accordingly. If I only shoot for half a day the post-production should only take half a day to complete. Read more about Digital Post-Production.

How much do you charge for Digital Post-Production?
I charge the same day rate as my photographic fee. Although, it does depend on the job, sometimes I may only shoot a small amount of images, so I don’t charge as much. Please contact me with a full job brief in order for me to quote more accurately.

Do you offer a reduced rate for first time clients?
Yes, as an introductory offer I halve my post-production fee for the first day that I do with a new client.

Are there any other expenses?
The only other expenses are: Travel, taxi’s, parking, congestion charge (if working in Central London), rental of additional lighting (if required), the cost of a hard-drive for the storage of the clients digital files (if required) and a photographic assistant on the shoot (depending on the job).
Allow £70 – £100 a day for an assistant. Night shoots are time and a half.

Do you charge to do a recce?
No, I am more than happy to recce a job within a 25 mile radius for free.

How long is a day’s shoot?
A day’s shoot is typically 9am to 5pm allowing an hour in-between for lunch.

How long is a half-day shoot?
Half a day’s shoot is either 9am (start time) – 1pm (finish) or 1pm (start time) to 5pm (finish).

What are your payment terms?
My payment terms are: 15 days from the date of the invoice.

Advertising rates:
Advertising rates and image buy out fees are negotiated separately.


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