Digital Files


In what format will the digital files be supplied to us?
Images can be supplied to a client as High Resolution TIFF files and/or High Resolution JPEGS.
I also supply clients low/medium res JPEG files for emailing.

How large will the TIFF and JPEG files be?
Each HiRes image that I supply to a client, whether in TIFF or JPEG form, will be over 100MB in size (approx. 150MB). Resolution will be at 300dpi, colour profile Adobe RGB 1998.

How will you supply the digital files to us?
Files are transferred digitally using WeTransfer. This is a great way of sharing files should the images be needed urgently. If the job is an extensive project I’ll supply the client with a dedicated hard-drive containing all of the images.

Do you keep a copy of the digital files?
Yes, I keep a copy of every job that I undertake.

Who owns the copyright of the digital images?
The Photographer maintains the copyright, unless otherwise agreed. I am fairly flexible when it comes to copyright, the one thing that I stipulate is that I am able to use the imagery for my own personal promotional purposes e.g. on my website.
Please note: Usage fees will need to be negotiated if my images are to be used for advertising purposes.

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Digital Files